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What size air conditioning and HVAC system do I need?

You don't want an AC system that is too large as this can lead to moisture problems and mold. A too large system can also short-cycle, which can impact the life of your unit, and raise your electricity bill. 

On the other hand, too small systems won't keep your building temputare regulated properly and they will be constantly running. 

To get the right answer to this you need a professional and experienced HVAC company to come to your location and get the proper specs to find out the perfect size. This ensures you have a system that will produce the best results at the most affordable prices!

How often should my HVAC system be serviced?

Whether you are heating and cooling a large mutli-section building or a small office, the requirement for frequency of service remains the same. We always reccomend having your systems service once a year. This helps maintain excellent efficiency and can be a preventative measure for potential breakdowns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a gas furnace work without electricity?

Living in Alberta means tempuratures can quickly drop in winter months. Quite often we have school closures due to weather, which means we are all cozy in our homes for the day. If we are in a power outage and you're thinking your gas furnace will keep you all cozy, think again! Your gas furnace will not work without power. But you can contact us for some great suggestions on how to keep your family safe and cozy during an outage.

If your commercial building is experiencing these warning signs, call Big Four to have these common problems fixed.

  • An unexpected rise in the cost of heating and cooling
  • Strange odours and unfamiliar sounds
  • Uneven heating and cooling throughout your building
  • Loss of effieciency

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